Happy New Year from Italy yooooo let’s work hard this year too!!


Anonymous asked: "Aushun please!!"

(( umm I believe I already said I wouldn’t take any request anymore?? but well, there is this aushun thing I drew some time ago that i still quite like so um yea ))

Anonymous asked: "I'm in no condition to drive...wait! I shouldn't listen to myself, I'm drunk!"

go home

rakuraiwielder asked: "Christmas is coming. Have you gotten everyones' gifts?"

Anonymous asked: "I am Barney Gumble and I am an alcoholic."


Anonymous asked: "Someone stole my ID"

you should tell the police not me

Anonymous asked: "*pinches your butt*"

/KICKS your butt

(( this will be the last request I am taking for a while, since those asks have been sitting in my askbox for quite some time. Please refrain from requesting anything next time!! ))

(( /sighs dreamily at this ship ))